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Written by Andria Brown, from the Boise area. Building useful things for the OSS community. Follow her work on 🐦 Twitter or 👩‍💻 GitHub.

White stylistic Next.js logo on black background

Creating a Completely Static Build with Next.js

5 min read

A brief tutorial on how to set up Next.js to produce no-JavaScript static builds and end FOUC

Android battery widget displaying the percentage and charging status of the battery.

Making a Stateful Android Battery Widget

8 min read

My notes and thoughts on developing a beautiful battery widget for Android

Digital clock widget showing the time and date.

Making My First Android Widget — The Clock

3 min read

My journey and notes on developing an Android widget

React Spring Modal: An In-Depth Tutorial (Version 1.X)

5 min read

How to use my new library to accessibly and smoothly display beautiful modals

Green on black binary code matrix

How to Make Your Code Readable

4 min read

Just because a machine can read it doesn't mean it's good